Sacred Cartographies at Galeria de la Raza

An exhibition of Amalia Mesa-Bains’ prints spanning 1997-2013, “Sacred Cartographies” demonstrates the artist’s ongoing engagement with questions of space, memory, and cultural reclamation. 

The exhibition, which opened on November 2, 2015 features a recreation of the installation Borders: Emblems of the Decade that has been dedicated to Victor Zamudio-Taylor, the curator and scholar. 

More information about the show can be found on Galeria de la Raza’s website.

The Libraries and Laboratories of Amalia Mesa-Bains at El Museo Eduardo Carrillo

An online exhibition featuring installation work that critically addresses the relationship between collecting practices and the construction of knowledge has debuted on El Museo Eduardo Carrillo. The works on display range from pieces created in response to the 1992 quincentennial anniversary of the Spanish conquest of the Americas to a critical engagement with the collection of the University of California Los Angeles’ Fowler Museum that took place from 2011-2013. The exhibition features an essay by Professor Jennifer González titled “Topologies of Knowing: The Libraries and Laboratories of Amalia Mesa-Bains.”